Property for sale in Mallorca - 2010

24 July 2010

The beginning of 2010 and indeed the trend in the first half of the year has shown prices flattening out thus resulting in a relatively stable market. Sensible investors who have been keeping a sharp eye on this trend during this period, have now started to make enquiries again. As confidence in the market continues to grow, property for sale in Mallorca is becomming  more and more in demand.

It has clearly become a good time to invest in Mallorca sooner rather than later, particularly with the fact that price increases remain unlikely this year. This situation is likely to change in the near future due to this increase of demand, obviously resulting in price hikes.

Due to the super wealthy individuals who are drawn to the island, the top of the property market in Mallorca always seems to have demand, whether in economic downtimes or during the boom times. This said, there is real evidence that the middle market is certainly moving again with increased sales around the Euro 550,000 to Euro 1,000,000 which is widely regarded as a positive sign.

In respect of second home residential property, Mallorca remains one of the top destinations in which to invest. The main attractions of Mallorca of quality year round living, modernized infrastructure, easy access, excellent sports facilities, relaxed lifestyle and warm Mediterranean climate combine to create a "honey pot" for property investors.

All of these factors would widely suggest that Mallorca is fast tracking its postion back into prime investor territory!

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