Ibiza / Formentera Area Guide

Ibiza's Location

The island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean Sea, is extremely easy to reach, accessible via several airlines and only a couple of hours’ flight time, so searching for property for sale in Ibiza is both convenient and enjoyable.

Ibiza's Climate

Winter weather is milder than Mallorca (usually steady at around 15 degrees), although generally cooler than some of the other Balearic islands in the summer months – temperatures still hovering however, at just under an impressive 30 degrees.  Rainfall is relatively low.

Ibiza's Description

The third largest of the Balearic islands, Ibiza lies approximately 79km off the Spanish coast, with its closest mainland neighbour being Valencia.  A popular tourist destination, the more southerly part of the island has, for several years been associated with young adults and the clubbing scene.  Further north, however, you could be in a different country altogether.  This part of Ibiza, which stretches for over 220 square miles, embraces a much slower paced, more rural, traditional lifestyle.  Indeed, the Spanish Tourist Office and the island itself are now shedding Ibiza’s somewhat unflattering image and becoming more family-focused.

The Balearic chain is actually comprised of over 50 islands, many of which are uninhabited.  Together with Formentera, Ibiza makes up the “Pine Islands”, situated on the western Balearic archipelago, which has been populated since 654BC.  

The island’s largest cities are Ibiza Town , Santa Eulària des Riu and Sant Antoni de Portmany where you can find everything from convenience items to unique designer fashion.  In fact, it has been said that Ibiza Town has the largest concentration of independent designer boutiques in one small area than anywhere else in the world!  Also within these larger settlements can be found the true history of Ibiza, including The Almudaina, the sixteenth century strongholding of the Moslem “Wali” and the seventeenth century Santo Domingo Convent.

There are a wide variety of restaurants across the island, from Japanese sushi bars to fushion food, with delightful eateries situated in some surprising locations!

Moving away from the more densely populated areas, the archaeological remains of Sa Caleta village and Es Puig des Molins are worthy of a visit and are typical of the smaller settlements on the island.

Property for sale in Ibiza

One of the principal regions which has convinced many Brits to invest in property in Ibiza, is Sant Josep de sa Talaia, around 15km from Old Ibiza Town.  A much quieter area, it has a constant population of around 13,000.  With around 80km of coastline, dotted with beautiful beaches and coves, it really does provide a spectacular setting for a holiday home.  There are several Natural Parks and forests which attract a variety of wildlife, and many activities are available in the region, including horse riding, walking and cycling.

As you might expect, property prices can be high on this beautiful island and if you are looking to buy a property in Ibiza, you should expect to pay somewhere around €850,000 for a four bedroom house, in a region such as Sant Josep de sa Talaia.  Away from the main coastal tourist areas, particularly in the mountainous regions, prices are a little lower.

Ibiza offers the best of both worlds for those looking for a property for sale in the Balearics; the central and northern regions offering tradition, charm and stunning countryside, the southern region boasting an almost cosmopolitan mix of shopping, dining and socialising.

Formentera's Location

The island of Formentera is situated six miles south from Ibiza and is only 12 miles long, meaning wherever you are on the island, it’s a safe bet that you’ll be able to see the sea.  With its breathtaking coastline, white sandy beaches and numerous coves, it is a haven for tourists and is renowned for welcoming naturists – all done in the best possible taste of course!

Formentera's Description

The constant population of this tiny island is around 5000 people, which increases substantially in the summer, when tourists flock across the sea from Ibiza, which is the only way to reach Formentera.

Despite its small size, Formentera is by no means lacking in facilities and there are certainly enough shops, bars and restaurants to avoid needing to leave the island to stock up.

Property for sale in Formentera

Because land is scarce, property prices are unsurprisingly high, with little change from €1.7m for a four bedroom house.  However, its reputation as a quiet, unspoilt and stunning island means that should you choose to buy a property in Formentera, you may well see a substantial return on your investment upon sale.


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